Using Emoticons Increases Comments by 33% on Facebook

“Using emoticons increases comments by 33% – they also get liked 57% more often than posts without emoticons.”
Belle Beth Cooper, Buffer App Post

Emoticons might seem like a silly practice reserved for teenagers, but the truth is they are part of the new digital language. Cooper makes a great interpretation of this stat: “Emoticons tend to add a more human side to your communications, and it seems like this comes across fairly well with users.”

Because social media is SOCIAL and not traditional one-way marking, personality and authenticity equals trust. Guess what the number one commodity on Facebook is? Trust. If users feel your brand is trustworthy, you have just overcome the number 1 hurdle in turning them into customers.

How You Can Use This Information

If you use an iPhone you can turn on the emoji keyboard and begin using a large library of symbols. To do this open Settings>Keyboards>Add and then scroll down to select Emoji. Once you’ve added the keyboard you can go into the Facebook Pages app and create a post using the emoji keyboard. Press the globe icon to reveal all the icons available to you.

For Android phones, there are numerous keyboard apps that you can install and activate. Here is a direct link to Emoji Keyboard 1 and Emoji Keyboard 2.

I recommend that you use emoticons within the personality of your organization. If your organization is very professional, perhaps only use emoticons when you are posting more personal or behind the scenes content. It may be possible that this statistic is unusable at all for your organization. It is more important to be consistent with your values that it is to try and utilize any social strategy.

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