Responsive Website or Native App

Business are asking the question, “do we need to have a responsive website or native app?” The answer is different for every business because every business is unique in what they offer customers online.

A responsive website is one that allows for the same website to be viewed from a computer, tablet or smart device. The website responds to the different screen sizes by serving up the same website in different views.

A native app is an application that has been designed to work with a specific operating system. For our purposes, native apps are those which are installed from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

App developers will bad mouth responsive websites all day long because they want you to invest your $$$ in their mobile app technology. Likewise, web developers are trying to secure your business for expensive customized responsive web design so they bad mouth the functionality of mobile apps.

Let the needs of your business dictate the direction you take when it comes to being mobile and being online. Native apps allow you to provide features that are not available through the web, but if you’re not going to use those features, it might not be a wise investment. Likewise, you don’t have to break the bank to have a responsive website… there are alternatives that are affordable and will get you through till you can afford to do a mobile version of your website correctly (responsive or otherwise).

In the video above, you’ll learn some of the reasons why a mobile app might be helpful and what kind of content you would need to provide if you are going to justify the cost of developing an app for your business.

If you still have questions about how to decide on a responsive website or native app, please use the comment section below.