Coppersmith Brockelman

Coppersmith Brockelman is a law firm in Phoenix, Arizona.

About Coppersmith Brockelman

We’ve been working with Sidewinders since they opened in the fall of 2010. As the business has grown, the strategy and design needs have as well. As you can expect with my small businesses, the passion for the product stems from the business owner and Doug Stauffer, owner if Sidewinder Subs has been very great to work with. Not willing to just do what he’s always done, Doug has partnered with us to build a sophisticated strategy for building each area of his business that is ready for growth.

Web Strategy

We worked with the team at Coppersmith Brockelman to develop an online presence that presented visitors with an accurate representation of their firm. Shrein Media provided coaching to create a clean website that allowed for the unique story of Coppersmith Brockelman to shine while providing clear and valuable content to potential clients.

The site is built upon the open source framework. Rather than building a completely custom design (a costly measure) we identified a template that would allow for deep customization.

Logo Design

With their recent name change, Coppersmith Brockelman was in need of a new company logo. Through one of our contracted partners, we provided the firm with a clean and professional logo. Being both artistic and professional in nature, the CB logo captured the identity of this firm in a very simplistic way.

Google Plus

Google’s social network, Google Plus, is about much more than likes and followers. Google gives priority to content created on their social network when providing search results. Rather than becoming an expert in optimizing their Google Plus profile (which includes Google Places and Google Local) Coppersmith Brockelman hired us to give them a presence on this important social network. Coppersmith and Brockelman is now 100% in charge of what information is attached to their name through Google.