How to Make a Website Better | A Mistake On Your Website Right Now

As you search for answers to, “how to make a website better,” there is one mistake that, once corrected, will instantaneously improve the quality of your website across the board.  We were even guilty of this mistake on the Shrein Media website. When putting content online it’s very easy to think only of our company’s interests rather than the interests of customers and potential leads.

We all have a tendency to add information to our website which adds absolutely zero value to the website customer base. Bad content ends up on our websites because we wrongly believe that once it’s live online it legitimizes our effort.

When you add content to your website that has little to no value, you are  add to the noise and distract customers and leads from the content you’vecreated that will generate revenue and relationship.

So you want to know how to make a website better?

Audit your website and begin to pull down every piece of content that is self-serving. Some content can be saved by simply re-writing the text as sales copy instead of self copy. Alter your overall web content approach so you can deliver a positive experience to any customer or potential lead that interacts with that page.

And that’s how to make a website better!

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