How to Create Images for Your Website

When you want to bring your website or print media to life, there no better prescription than original photos. Photos of your company, your employees, your products and your customers. You may not feel qualified to create your own graphics. You’re not alone. So many do not feel comfortable creating their own graphics and/or lack the tools necessary to do so.

The good news is that, in recent years, there has been a flood of software, for both computers and mobile devices, that do nearly all of the heavy lifting when creating a professional original photo or graphic.

Software for Making Your Images Look Professional

When it comes to making your own images,  there are two desktop programs we recommend using in order to give your images a professional look:

Each of these programs (for the Mac) act as an Instagram-like photo editor… just select the photo you want to use and apply a pre-made filter. At Shrein Media we own and use both of these programs. They are perfect when we don’t want, need or have time to use Photoshop. Passing photos through a nice filter is an easy way to get a look that are usually reserved for only the professionals.

Apps That Will Make Your Photos Look Professional

Additionally, there are two great photo editing apps for iOS that we HIGHLY recommend for generating original images and then customizing them…

Pic-Tap-Go is a filter layering app and offers the convenience of taking a picture with your iPhone or iPad and immediately editing it with professional grade filters. After editing, you can save your image to your camera roll or immediately upload your image to your website, social media platform.. etc.

Phonto, on the other hand, is a very basic equivalent of Photoshop for your iPhone or iPad. With basic text creation, color tools and graphic layouts, it is ideal for someone who doesn’t want to become a graphics expert, but still wants expert graphics.

Our Endorsement

We own each of these applications and endorse them enthusiastically. For any photo novice apps like these could be the exact solution you need to take your original photos to the next level.

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