Do Better for Your Business on Facebook by Having a Plan

The best thing you can do for your business when it comes to using Facebook is have a plan. Hunters never go into the woods without a plan for what they’re looking for, how they will find and claim their game and what’s the best timing. In these very same ways, using Facebook for your business is like hunting. Your plan must include the following:

  • who am I going after?
  • when are they most likely to see my content?
  • what do I want them to do when they do see my content?
  • what does success look like?

You can read as many “Secret Sauce” posts on Facebook as you’d like but without establishing the above, you’re just spinning your wheels.

What is your industry and what kind of questions do you have regarding forming a plan?

I use the comment section below as a way of sharing free advice with business owners and social media managers. Feel free to ask your questions below and it will be my pleasure to share whatever knowledge I can to help you create a plan for using Facebook in your business.