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Responsive Website or Native App

If you are trying to decided on whether to invest in a responsive website or native app for your business, there are a couple key factors to consider along the way. The decision can actually be quite easy if you know the right questions to ask. Don’t be misled by development companies bad mouthing one or the other… they understandably believe whole heartedly in their solution. Be educated and make the decision that is right for your organization.

Ideas for What to Share on Facebook

Ides for what to share on Facebook don’t grow on trees… but they do exist on this blog and here are three very easy ideas to help your posts today! We’ve listed three very accessible ideas that you can use for three separate posts… and hopefully be inspired to think of some additional information you can share!

Social Media for Business | Which Network Is Right for Me?

Perhaps you’ve created a profile on every one of those platforms and now they sit idly, displaying a single post saying, “Welcome to our new company page! We look forward to posting more!” I know this because I’ve done it too.

So what’s next? What is a business owner to do with a bunch of platforms and no idea where to take them? There are literally thousands of ways to answer this question – one service that Shrein Media offers is helping clients decide which platform is best and what they should post. If you’re not ready to spend money, here’s one solution you may want to consider…

How to Improve Your Website Without Spending Money

We live in the real world and chances are you aren’t prepared to break the bank to improve your website. We advocate for allocating resources to improve your website and there are ways to show you how improvements of your website increase your bottom line… however, that’s not what this post is about.

How to Create Images for Your Website

You may not feel qualified to create your own graphics. You’re not alone. So many do not feel comfortable creating their own graphics and/or lack the tools necessary to do so.

The good news is that, in recent years, there has been a flood of software, for both computers and mobile devices, that do nearly all of the heavy lifting when creating a professional original photo or graphic.

Using Emoticons Increases Comments by 33% on Facebook

Emoticons might seem like a silly practice reserved for teenagers, but the truth is they are part of the new digital language. Cooper makes a great interpretation of this stat: “Emoticons tend to add a more human side to your communications, and it seems like this comes across fairly well with users.”